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Momentum Rents is a dedicated property management service that strives to maximize income and maintain optimum value for clients while serving tenants who appreciate and will help to maintain a quality rental property.

We are a licensed and insured firm. Holding a license in Property Management means that we are governed by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission through a stringent set of laws and guidelines all put in place to protect homeowners and renters from mismanagement. Momentum Rents has built its business off of the foundation of these laws and is dedicated to protecting your investment to ensure it will maintain its value over time. We do this by conducting semi-annual property inspections, by selecting quality tenants with better than average credit scores, and by maintaining a great relationship with them by providing excellent service on any calls.

Momentum Rents has a team of licensed and insured vendors that we have worked with for years that have a track record of quality work and craftsmanship. If there is anything in your investment property that needs repaired or updated, we’ve got the team and resources to do it and years of working in contracting to make sure it gets done right.

We are a streamlined business with low overhead and expenses, which we plan to keep that way as long as humanly possible, passing the savings from those expenses off to our clients with competitive rates and fees.

And we are veteran owned and operated.

Ron Krauskopf » Property Manager in Charge
Ron Krauskopf
Ron has a degree in Business Administration and has been in a business development role, launching and growing small businesses for the last 10 years including launching his two previous ventures, Solid Renovations and Solid Properties, a contracting and a real estate investment businesses, respectively, both still operating successfully. After getting those businesses off the ground and working with partners for two years, Ron recognized a desire growing inside of him to start a new company of his own and he had the skills and experience to do it. So he set off on his own to launch Momentum Rents recognizing, during his previous years in real estate investing, a need for a quality property management company in Charleston. Ron is a veteran and lives on Rutledge Ave. in the North Central area of downtown with his amazing wife, Heather, and two silly and incredibly fun daughters, Elliot and Nora.