Why We Love Charleston

The secret is out. People love Charleston! City Planners estimate that 100,000 new residents will call Charleston home by 2030, and we expect that property values and the rental market will continue to improve throughout that time.

Charleston is a very romantic place for me, full of charm and historic beauty primarily because I met my wife when visiting in 1999, deciding to call Charleston home shortly thereafter in March of 2000. My wife and I have lived together in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood and now on the North Central side of Rutledge Avenue in downtown Charleston since 2002.

As beautiful as it is, it really is the people that make Charleston so special. Charleston is a melting pot of people who genuinely seem to love life, which gushes out of them, something I noticed on my very first visit and that hasn’t changed even after 17 years of living here. From the minute you meet someone living in Charleston, you get a sense of familiarity of that of an old friend. There is a kind and genuine nature in everyone that really is refreshing and wonderful. Heather and I decided to add to the number of wonderful people here with the births of our two daughters, Elliot and Nora, now 5 and 19 months, respectively.

Family Picture

More reasons why we love Charleston...

We love that we’re not alone in our love for Charleston. Readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine have voted our city as their Favorite Small City in the U.S. for several years in a row: http://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2015-10-08/top-small-cities-in-the-us-readers-choice-awards.

Spoleto! A two-week music and arts festival that brings our already vibrant city to life each year. https://spoletousa.org/.

The Beaches. Adding to Charleston’s amazing beauty are miles of coastline and barrier islands all with their own personalities and things for the whole family to enjoy. http://www.charlestoncvb.com/beaches/.

Restaurants and award-winning chefs! There are too many succulent and amazing restaurants in Charleston. Coming from the land of chain restaurants in Central-Florida, it has been very refreshing to now call Charleston home greatly in part due to their commitment to locally-sourced ingredients in many local restaurants. Not only is this a more sustainable practice, but you can taste the difference in the food quality, and we love it! Here are the James Beard finalists from last year: http://charleston.eater.com/2016/2/17/11032572/james-beard-awards-2016-charleston.

The Parks. There is never a lack of places to frolic with the family. http://www.charlestoncvb.com/plan-your-trip/tours-attractions~204/aquariums-parks~1145/.

The History. Settled in 1670 as one of the first U.S. cities, Charleston has managed to maintain all of its historic charm. http://www.charlestoncvb.com/plan-your-trip/tours-attractions~204/historic-sites~1146/.

This is just a taste of what we love about Charleston, but these, along with the amazing people, are the primary reasons we call Charleston home.